An E-learning portal or distance learning portal offers continuous learning for both public education or training purposes. With a talented dedicated development team, we provide software development outsourcing for education portal development.

Custom E-learning portal from Educational software company

E-learning portal and E-learning app create an online place for rapid knowledge transfer for both learners and company employees. As a qualified education software company, Adamo Software has successfully delivered custom e-learning portals for colleges, universities, and educational services providers. Our education software development combines skillful IT experts and cutting-edge technology in databases, automation, and analytics in building an end-to-end online e-learning portal.

Undeniable advantages of e-learning portals and e-learning platforms.

E-learning portal create room for better education and training.

This education software solution is designed for knowledge distribution in the era of digital transformation in education and training. By which, the learning activities would not be limited to the traditional methodology that instructors could handily make creation and effort to deliver more effective education. Through feedbacks and analysis, the course quality would improve objectively depending on valuable reviews.

Improving scalability and flexibility in distant learning.

E-learning portal supports several forms of education materials, including ebooks, audiobooks, or webinars. Accordingly, learners and students could easily access those resources only with an internet connection. Then, it boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of the training process. Users could create custom courses without a rigid syllabus offered by any education providers. The custom education path delivers flexibility in learning.

E-learning portals enhance positive perception and responses.

Currently, most of the e-learning portals integrated with instant messaging tools and online communities. Accordingly, users across the portal could interact and collaborate on a real-time basis. It adds responsiveness to the education process, which keeps users stay on the distance learning portal longers. Additionally, education portal development also supports the learner perception of using technology in the online education environment.

Easy access to a valuable form of data and information.

Education software development helps to minimize the use of handwriting that materials currently stored and express in digital forms. Accordingly, the data and materials can be stored in the e-learning portal database, which can be share handily across users. Besides, data collected from user activities give a rick pictures of their behaviors and preferences. Whereas, companies could improve their understanding and relationship with their customers (i.e. students, learners, instructors, and more).

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E-learning colleges/universities

E-learning colleges and universities enable a high level of control education resources for instructors, admin, and lecturers. Using e-learning portals, schools have a higher capacity for offering online courses or distance learning. Additionally, it helps the admission team approach closers with students with communication technologies and tools.

Online education centers

The key challenges of online education centers refer to improve their market presence to approach students and learners. With e-learning portal customers for online centers' needs, owners have a powerful tool to promote their brands to online users and keep students and the instructors on the same page.

Education service providers

If you run an education service, you should consider developing an online e-learning portal, where instructors and students could exchange benefits. As a fast-growing business, running e-learning platforms, you could make money from charging subscription fees, in-app purchases, or advertising. In fact, owning the e-learning portal means holding immense profitable data from users and courses.

Companies/ copporates

Apart from education purposes, companies could definitely adopt their private e-learning portal for employee training. If you expect to improve the efficiency of the training process, the e-learning app could help. Accordingly, your companies might reduce the course for investing in training instructors by holding virtual class storage in the e-learning portal.

Which business should consider building e-learning portals?

Cutting-edges features should be included in the E-learning portal

E-learning portal for instructors

  • Course Management
  • Quizz Creation Tools
  • Lectures Editors
  • Assignment Management
  • Gradebook
  • Commenting Tools
  • Student Attendence
  • Registration Control
  • Integrated Whiteboard

E-learning portal for student

  • Course Details
  • Course Register Options
  • Quizz Accessing Tools
  • Assignment Submission
  • Grade Histoty
  • Program Dashboard
  • Payment Gateway
  • Virtual Community
  • Live QandA Session

E-learning portal for admin

  • Request Management
  • Access Setting
  • Add And Remove Users
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Virtual Class Set Up
  • Content Managemment
  • Certificate Authorization
  • Notification Control
  • Community Management

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