Our healthcare solution development services transform the way customers approach health and medical care

Adamo Software is successful in delivering roundly 20 custom healthcare software development to English-speaking clients. Whereas, our dedicated development team focus on spread positive impact to the mass community via creative solution for both mobile apps and web-based. we combine a series of trendy features into medical software development, which help with the diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and monitoring of health and wellness.

On-demand Healthcare Solution

Our on-demand healthcare models, including on-demand doorstep delivery, doctor on-demand, and virtual pharmacists, solve the threat of illogical distribution of healthcare professionals. Our solution provides tools for Healthcare business to deal with immediate treatment of certain injuries and illnesses.

TeleHealth / Telemedicine Solution

We developed telehealth software with technology-assisted ancillary on a patient-centred approach. The telehealth solution could be applied to both primary care and emergency care situations, that involves remote diagnosis and treatment via telecommunications and digital communication technologies.

Electronic Health Records Software (EHR)

Our well-developed EHR software aims to optimise usability and comprehensive integration with another healthcare system. We provide the solution for handily managing paperless and online medical record for both patients and healthcare providers; while it improves the user experiences of less human medical error.

Medical Billing Software

For building a medical billing software, Adamo Software will help you with custom medical software development plan fully serving your requirements. We provide a comprehensive checklist of medical billing software features, including pre-registration, claim management, billing, data storage, financial control, smart scheduling, and more.

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Mobile apps and web-based application development with advance features for custom healthcare software

Different healthcare software development require a distinct set of features. We list here with must-have selections. For custom features, please contact to discuss further.

Customized Camera

Activity Tracking

Social Features


Built-in Calendar

Extensive Dashboard

In-app Payments

In-App Messages

Private Accounts

Interactive Scheduling

Push Notifications

API Integration

Social Media Integration

Comprehensive Reporting

Well-devised Search Engine

Virtual Meeting Room

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